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Atos itt doc4part5 tenderform lot1 [1.1] You should submit a statement that summarises your reaction to the final tender andhighlights what you view as its particular strengths.You may use this statement to;Provide an introduction to your proposed delivery for the personal independence payment(Pip)Examination service. The executive summary will not be Paul Smith Bags Outlet scored on its own.However suppliers willpresent this at their supplier business speech.Overall information from any questionsasked and responses given at the speeches will be used by bid evaluators andmoderators to inform the overall quality and risk scoring of the bids. Atos is committed to supporting the united state's welfare reform agenda, and specially theimplementation of pip to help disabled people to lead independent lives and exercise choiceand control.The primary focus of atos' service will be: (1)A local service shipments by trustedorganisations; (2)A claimant journey creating a positive past experiences, and tailored to support theneeds of the baby; (3)An identical approach which is fair and objective; (4)A low riskimplementation and sending plan;And also(5)A value proposition that supports thegovernments welfare reform agenda. Local service delivery by trusted establishments Atos will deliver pip working inpartnership every one of the nhs, hostipal wards, and a local networking system of physiotherapists.Thisapproach creates a supply chain of trusted establishments, with proficient staff, ready and inplace for the first day, with the service delivery expertise of looking at people with differingneeds, and based in offices rooted in their communities. This process provides flexibility in the two key areas of hp resource andestate, and creates the capacity in an effort to react rapidly to demand fluctuations. This is permitted by a network of 1, 738 session centre sites across all lots aready made estate which is fully compliant with the equality act.Their whereabouts, in particularthe nhs medical centers, is often in the middle of established transfer links, meaning that between75% and 90% of claimants will be less than 30 minutes travel time from an appointment centre, along with the rest only 60 minutes away.Our supply chain partners will not be recruiting newhps but will be identifying suitable candidates from to their existing workforce.These hpswill be able to undertake face to face consultations within their current needs, with thepip work typically taking up 25% to 40% of time. A claimant journey tailored to support the needs of the Cheap Paul Smith Sale baby Atos have deliveredhealth and incapability assessment services for 14 years, but bear in mind pip is a new benefit, and wewanted to be sure that the end to end claimant journey was focused on someone, that itwas fully understood and was regarded as a positive experience which took into account thedifferent emotional and rational factors of those with differing needs.For all other cases we will establish needing further medicalevidence, and decide whether the assessment can be concluded by a paperbased review only which they will conduct, or requires a personally consultation.Therefore we sends a tailored letter, including anexplanation of the goal of the consultation;The dialogue time, date and, andhow persons can contact atos to reschedule;It would include a map;Choices for claimingexpenses;It will encourage claimants to bring any new fme to the meeting;In addition to, it willgive specifics of the claimant enquiry service.The claimant is likewise directed to ourdedicated pip website.Atoswill work with our local partners to deliver treatments from nhs trust hospitals, privatehospitals and local physiotherapists all of whom are more developed in the community.Theselocations are all designed for providing a service to people with a wide variety needs.Fromthe moment that claimants come along with the door, all of the staff from the associate to thepractitioners will be empathetic, respectful and expertise in the difficulties in claimants'lives generally, as well as the stress involved in trying to play a face to face consultation inparticular.All staff will undergo training from experts within atos in the specifics of the policyintention and the procedure to the pip assessment, to supplement aspirations andexperience that our partner's staff already possess.Claimants told us that they wanted theperson carrying out the consultation to show they are genuinely studying them;To help with making eyecontact;Without having it to interrogate them from behind a pc. Atos will ensure that the discussions will take place with the claimant sitting side byside with the practitioner, treatment of barrier that the desk and the pc create, withboth able to look at the screen so that the claimant realizes that their story is beinglistened to and understood and accurately reflected in the assessment report itself.Webelieve that this process will reduce any future 5jx Outlet dispute or appeal on the basis thatinsufficient account has been taken of their actual views and needs. When the examination has concluded, all customers will be invited to give feedback online, orvia an itemized independent survey process.We will actively seek plan on how we canimprove 5jx and enhance the service, and claimants and their workers will also beencouraged to share their views on social media sites to help reassure those who are yet tocomplete a consultation.Atos assume this experience will be viewed by the claimant aspositive, ambition, clear and fair.

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