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Character blog This is one dvd set you won want to miss the avatar blu ray dvd hobbyist edition.On november 16, the collector edition has 3 a range of cuts of avatar:An original theatrical release, the unique re release(With 8 extra min's of new footage), And the exclusive extended cut not shown in theaters auction web sites 45 minutes of deleted scenes.And that merely the first disc of the 3 disc set.On discs 2 and 3 likewise you find these special features:Actor exhibit tests;On residence footage;Feature length documentaries on the film amazing production;An interactive scene deconstruction feature that allows you to explore different levels of production for 17 scenes;A comprehensive guide to everything about pandora;And more often. Disk 1:Three movie different machines Acquiring avatar:Feature length documentary within the 16 year filmmakers' journey, including selection job interview with james cameron, jon landau, cast and producers Information from pandora:James cameron's visit to the amazon jungle The 2006 art fishing baitcasting fly fishing reel:Primary pitch of the avatar vision Brother insect test:Groundbreaking motion capture test The ilm model:Visual changes reel Projection windreveal tests:Mike worthington, zo saldana Zo's one's everything cast:Makeup procedure footage On set pictures as live action filming begins Vfx progressions Crew membrane:The quantity Disk 3:Pandora box Pandora Charms Shop Fun scene deconstruction:Explore the stages of output of 17 different scenes through three viewing modes:Grab level, web level, and final level with picture in picture referral Development featurettes:Building avatar, growing the banshee, inducing the thanator, the amp outfit, flying cars, na'vi dominos, conversing na'vi, pandora bacteria, tricks, functionality capture, essential camera, the 3d blend camera, the particular simul cam, updating avatar, credit credit rating avatar, sound develop, any haka:The character of new zealand Avatar see results about pandora jewelry primary script Avatar click here to see more info script by james cameron Pandorapedia:Universal Pandora Bracelets guide to pandora Verse from five songs by james cameron Ale avatar:Across 1, 850 images in 16 themed museums and companies(The joy of pandora, the insects, pandora bacteria, pandora bioluminescence, i would say some sort of na'vi, the virtual representations of personnel, maquettes, na'vi guns, na'vi props, na'vi musical appliances, rda patterns, flying vans, amp agree with, human guns, land cars and trucks, one sheet rules) Bd live receive(Requires bd live enabled player and connection to the internet may be available a limited time only):Crew extra smaller:The previous night avatar;Supplementary screen tests, consisting of stephen lang, giovanni ribisi, joel bob moore, cch pounder, since laz alonso;Speaking na'vi wedding testing footage;Weta handyroom:Walk and talk production What features and footage on the new 3 disc collection are you most enthusiastic about? When the avatar re release hits theaters on august 27 plan 9 new minutes of never before seen footage of life on pandora.Although cameron at first planned 8 minutes, another cut includes 9.One of the several deleted scenes includes tsu tey death: "There a pretty powerful emotional scene get which is tsu death.Which happens off camera in the particular release.[In original film] He kind of falls off the back of the shuttle and that the last that you see of him but here we continue.We have this psychologically and mentally.Scene with jake[sully] and neytiri and alternative na that gather around him in the forest, cameron thought.Cameron also says any additional avatar scenes include four major moments, each several minnutes long that center on when the helicopter first lands in the pandora rainforest.There also a new creature that appears:The specific sturmbeest.The director also said the scenes which reinstated in the re release version are big on non top action.

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